Wildlife Churchyard

The churchyard at Luddington is somewhat special. The front is kept neat and tidy, with an abundance of flowers throughout the year from spring to autumn. But the rear of the churchyard should not be overlooked. It is a haven for wildlife, both large and small.

Despite it’s somewhat unkempt appearance, it is being managed to provide a range of habitats.

The grass is left to grow long, with paths kept around the edge, and cut at certain times during the spring and summer.

Bird and bat boxes, bug hotels, and a hedgehog hibernaculum have also been installed.

A selection of photos can be seen here.

In 2018 we entered into the Northamptonshire Conservation Churchyard Award scheme, run by the Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust in conjunction with Peterborough Diocese. Judges from the Wildlife Trust visited the churchyard in June to assess whether we have met the criteria for a Bronze Award, and we were presented with a Bronze Award in November 2018.

For more information about the Northamptonshire Conservation Churchyard Award scheme, please visit the Wildlife Trust website.

More information can also be found at Caring for God’s Acre.