Services & Events

Family-friendly services are held at 9.00am on the first Sunday of every month. You would be more than welcome to come and join with us.

A Remembrance Sunday service will be held in Thurning church on Sunday 11th November, starting at 10.55am.

15 4 10
15 minutes of prayer for 10 days to seek God’s direction for the Benefice between 1st – 10th December
You’ll find Rev Cathy in these places at these times. Come and join her. It doesn’t have to be at the church where you live as you might find a time and date which is more convenient for you.

Sat 1st 10am Barnwell
Sun 2nd 8.15am Luddington, 5pm Lutton
Mon 3rd 10am Thurning, 5pm Hemington
Tue 4th 8.15am Polebrook, 8pm Barnwell
Wed 5th 10am Hemington, 6pm Luddington
Thu 6th 8.15 Lutton, 4pm Thurning
Fri 7th 10am Barnwell, 5pm Polebrook
Sat 8th 4pm Hemington
Sun 9th 8.30 Polebrook, 3pm Hemington
Mon 10th 10am Lutton, 4pm Luddington


Sunday 2nd December 9.00am Holy Communion

Christmas Carols will be on Friday 21st December at 7.30pm. Please come and join the village for an informal evening singing carols, drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies.